Justice and Care

Justice and Care is an international anti-human trafficking organisation. It is dedicated to rescuing and supporting women and children trapped in all forms of modern day slavery, including forced labour, domestic servitude and sexual exploitation. Since 2008, they have rescued over 1,000 victims of trafficking, been instrumental in the arrest of close to 500 criminals and trained over 6,000 police officers and community leaders.

The organisation is unique in that it not only rescues victims, but also provides long term aftercare and ensures a safe and secure future for every life saved. Justice and Care works closely with governments and law enforcement agencies in order to break the cycle of crime by prosecuting those responsible and dismantling sophisticated criminal networks.

Justice and Care works both within countries and across borders, with a considerable amount of focus on South Asia which accounts for approximately half of the 29 million people trafficked every year across the world. They have offices across India, in the UK and the Netherlands.

Registered Charity No. 1133829