Msizi Africa

Msizi Africa gives undernourished children in Africa access to nutritious food.  Whether they’re in orphanages, child headed households or on the street, we ensure they receive healthy, balanced meals every day.  This complements the wider work of our project partners who aim to improve the lives of the children in their care through education, vocational opportunities, and rehabilitation.  DfDD ensures that we are able to feed all of our children so they get the most out of life, like those whose stories are told below – you cannot work with a hungry child.

Case Study 1

Aged 4 Mandisa watched as her father was shot dead in their family home.  Her mother died 3 months later due to HIV.  Her only option was to move to live with her aunt, who was also severely ill due to HIV, in a minute make shift home; no proper door, walls or roof and 12 other people.  Mandisa, despite her large ‘family’ was isolated from the world. There was not enough money for food every day let alone to attend school.  In 2007 the family started to receive food parcels funded by Msizi Africa.  Thanks to DfDD Mandisa now eats every day.  She is a confident young girl who is excelling in school, able to concentrate due to her full tummy.  She now has a bright hopeful future.


Case Study 2

People never realise just how cold it can be in Africa in the winter. Days are bitterly cold with temperatures as low as five degrees. Night time is a battle for children to stay warm in sub zero temperatures. They live in substandard accommodation letting in freezing drafts and they don’t have enough blankets and clothing to keep them warm. DfDD enables us to support many orphans who live alone or with younger siblings – we repair their homes to make sure they are insulated and provide them with blankets and jackets to help them through the winter.  These orphans were also hungry – suffering particularly in winter where warming food is all the more essential.  They depended on well meaning neighbours to give them food, but some days their neighbours just couldn’t stretch their resources any further and they would go hungry.  We asked their neighbours if they had food all the time, would they cook it for orphans every day – they said yes. Children walk miles to a metal shack for maize meal at these 11 feeding programme supported by DfDD.  For most, it is the only food they will get – they are orphans with nobody to care for them.  It’s a long walk, but it’s a lifesaver.

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