How It Works


The ongoing nature of our support helps our charity partners plan their work more effectively and build momentum.

To a vulnerable child, this sustainability can mean the difference between a one-off intervention and a solid foundation for the future. DfDD’s trusted charity partners are Justice and Care and WeSeeHope.




Dealing for Donation Day takes place once a year. It is simple to get involved. You can choose to:

  • Donate all fees or brokerage generated on the day, or a percentage thereof
  • Donate the services you usually provide to Mako e.g. agree an amount of commission free trades, and Mako will pay the equivalent amount to the charities
  • Make a straightforward one-off donation

Whichever method suits you, the funds raised will go directly to our charity partners life-changing projects in Africa.

Dealing for Donation Day is a fun way to raise money for Justice and Care and WeSeeHope.

Read more about the impact you’ll make on the ‘Where The Money Goes’ page or contact the Charity Committee for more details.